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Aloe Vera, Head-to-Toe Benefits

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Having aloe vera plants on a sunny window or in your garden (mild winter climates only) is a great way to have "Nature's First Aid Kit" handy for minor burns and sunburns, cuts and scrapes, as well as the many other reasons you want a plant in your home. Daily use of the pure, inner aloe vera gel is great for the skin, and mixed in a drink of vegetable juice or fruit juice also provides the body with essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals.


Aloe Vera plants are incredibly easy to grow and maintain. In fact, they prefer to be 'forgotten' and not fussed over. A succelent that stores a great deal of water in it's leaves, aloe vera plants have very shallow roots. As with many plants, if your aloe vera is dry 1 to 2 inches down, go ahead and water it. (But if it's dry for even a few weeks in average temperatures, it will be fine.) If the soil is still damp, leave your plant alone for a week or so. Aloe Vera plants love warmth and sunlight. If you live in an area of year-round warmth, by all means let your plant stay outside in a sunny area. (Bring it inside if you are expecting frost or a "cold snap" that would reach freezing temperatures.) If you live in a cool climate, leave your plant near a sunny window where it will get at least 6 hours of sunlight in the summer. Aloe Vera plants have few pests. The only concern you should have is overwatering! If you have any questions specific to your plant, please contact us.

NOTE: We cannot advise you on where to buy aloe vera plants in your area. Please call a local garden center for that information.