Aloe Vera Hygiene & Personal Care

Aloe Vera and Jojoba Shampoo

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo (view also Conditioner on Main Site)

Aloe vera and jojoba combined for the best shampoo available. Beautiful, shiny, silky hair that cleanses as it gently moisturizes and rejuvenates the scalp.


Aloe Vera and Honey hand sanitizer




Aloe Vera and Honey Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands sanitized without drying them out. Flu and Cold season, or any time of the year, stay safe with this convenient pocket size hand cleaner.

Forever Bright Toothgel


Forever Bright Toothpaste

This toothgel is proven to fight harmful bacteria whicle gently cleaning your teeth as you brush. An exceptional benefit is aloe vera. Give your mouth something to smile about!



Aloe Vera Deosorant

Aloe Ever Shield

This is the IDEAL deodorant. No harsh (and potentiall dangerous) aluminum salts, this deodorant is actually good for your skin. WIth pure aloe vera gel as the number one ingredient, you can trust your "pits" to smell fresh and feel great.

Lip Balm of Aloe Vera


Aloe Lips

Tired of sore, cracked, dry lips? Now you can pamper your pucker with Aloe Lips, made with pure aloe vera gel as the primary ingredient. Better yet, no petroleum like that other product! Whatever the weather, or your situationj, here's something that will make your lips smile.