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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits with Salad Greens: Go Greens in March!

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Cardio_Heart_HealthWith St. Patrick's Day this month, many of us are thinking green! We love watching our grandchildren make 'houses' out of large cereal boxes, andthen put leaves and grass clippings in the "homes." They do this in hopes of attracting the Leprechans who they are sure live in our yard and come out on St. Patrick's Day. Interestingly, though they never catch one of theses ellusive creatures (and the hoped-for pot of gold), they wake up the next morning and eagerly run out to inspect their nefarious trap only to find a card and riddle, as well as a picture of a leprechan for them each to color.

St. Patrick's Day aside, chidren and greens usually don't get along very well. For that matter, the same could be said for most adults!

But there is a positive side to this special month - make salads fun and delicious. There are any number of recipes for delicious salads on the Internet that chidlren of all ages would like. We like to grate cheese on ours (great source of calcium) and I also mix aloe vera juice (specifically the gel pictured above) into salad dressings. I try to avoid "creamy" dressings and go for dressings that are 'see through' such as a light balsamic vinegarette or even plain olive oil (great source of Omega fatty acids).

Another delicious way to get greens and aloe vera past your chidlrens' lips (or stubborn spouse) is to juice apples, carrots and spinach in a juicer, and then add a cup of aloe vera gel. It taste delicious and is so good for you!

However you observe the month of shamrocks and leprechauns, keep it healthy with greens and aloe vera!

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