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Aloe Vera Formulations for Face and Skin

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Cardio_Heart_HealthThere was a wonderful section in "Martha Stewart Living" (issue March, 2011, "Natural Beauty," page 122) that focuses on some botanicals used in modern formulations for the skin. Unsurprisingly 'Aloe Vera' has it's own special place! Under the sub-title "Skin Soothers, The Classic Aloe" the first century (Christian era) use of aloe vera for the skin by Egyptian Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra is mentioned. The article additionally states,

" Today it's still revered as a natural hydrator because the gel is made primarily of water and fatty acids. Aloe is also effective at healing wounds: A study found it to be a better anti-inflammatory for skin irritations than one percent hydrocortisone creme. "

It is exciting to see the increased awareness of aloe vera for nutrition and skin care. See Aloe Vera Skincare products here (face and body).

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