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Aloe Vera and Body Hydration

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Aloe Vera GellyAccording to the Iowa State University, University Extension, fluids – especially water – play critical roles in our health and wellness. The study brakes these down as follows:


Water transports critical oxygen, glucose and fat to active muscles. Additionally it carries our body's waste products (carbon dioxide, lactic acid, etc.) from muscles in activity.

Regulation of Temperature:

Our bodies are at their best when they maintain a constant temperature of an average of 98.6 F (37 C). Higher than 106 F (41 C) and body cells die.

Active muscles generate heat. Indeed, 20x more than at rest. To keep the body cool we sweat.


Water transports and helps to eleminate the body's waste products in urine. Dark urine may indicate a greater concentration of waste products and less water, which is indicitave of dehydration. (It should be noted that vitamin and / or mineral supplements may also darken urine as the body expells excess vitamins and minerals that cannot be absorbed and used by the body.


Water is an important component in gastric 'juices,' and saliva which are required to break-down food.


Water is critical to the lubrication of joints, organs and other body tissues.

With this basic understanding of the role of water in our body, we can understand the need to keep our bodies well hydrated at all times, and especially be vigilant during times of significant activity such as sports and exercise.

We get about 20% of our water from fruits and vegetables (ie: watermelon, cucumber, bell pepers, apples, and etc.).

Aloe Vera Contributions to Hydration:

A quality aloe vera juice drink that has aloe vera gel as the first ingredient is an ideal choice. Aloe Vera, with a naturally high percentage of water content (it is a liquid!), can contribute significantly to both hydration and daily nutritional needs both for children and adults.


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