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IASC Aloe Vera Certification

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How do you know that the aloe vera you bought is of a minimum standard of quality to justify your purchase?

LAloe Vera Gellyook for the IASC (not-for-profit "International Aloe Science Council") seal on the container.

According to their website, "The International Aloe Science Council Certification Program was born of necessity in the early 1980's. Due to abuse in the representation of the true amount of aloe in aloe products, either raw materials or in consumer products, the IASC began to formulate a plan similar to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval or the National Sanitation Foundation certification programs."

With a program developed and in place the IASC was then able to test facilities and products under rigorous testing standards. Companies who are able to display the IASC certification assert, according also the website, the following four standards:

1) That the Company represents truth in labeling.
2) That the Company represents the quantity in aloe content.
3) That the Company represents that the quality of aloe meets with IASC current standards.
4) That the Company represents tha the aloe used in the products comes from a certified source.

All of the Aloe Vera products discussed on this website carry the IASC to assure you the highest quality in aloe vera content and purity. In fact, the "Aloe Vera Gel" was the first to receive the IASC seal of quality.

As a further testament to the universal appeal of these aloe vera products the drinks also carry the Kosher and Islamic seal of approvals.

A final note about the IASC seal, from their website:

IASC"For the Consumer the Certification Seal indicates that quality aloe vera has been used to formulate the product, and guarantees that the product has met the certification standards for quality and purity of aloe vera."

Freshness and purity in aloe vera is critical. Many manufacturers import their aloe vera from foreign sources that ship in large drums. You may not know the source, nor how long the aloe vera was stored before being put into the final product.

In the case of all of the aloe vera products on this site the aloe vera is harvested by hand and then stabilized within four hours of harvesting. The freshness is as important as the purity of the aloe vera gel used for the drinks and other items.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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